marietta varga

A Strange Surreal Dream

Marietta Varga

marietta varga
Marietta Varga

Marietta Varga was born in Hungary. She completed her studies, BA in Photography at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design between 2013-2016. Currently living and working in Budapest.

Her visual world is described as simple and clean, balanced with precisely directed compositions. Her sensitivity in the use of colours and spatial awareness helps to create the unique atmosphere of her visual world. Her pictures often have strong symbolism where the viewers can find themselves in a strange surreal dream.

“Marietta’s tightly geometric, extremely special colors, occasionally surreal, sometimes lyrically sophisticated or dreamlike artwork exploded into the world of photography in just a few months. There is a level of awareness, sophistication and creativity in the pastel colors of the series and the associations between the colors that can only be known from Almodovar’s or Wes Anderson’s films. All this unique use of colors encounters another major theme of the artist, that analyzes the details of architectural structures, built surfaces and spatial relationships of tight geometric compositions while placing them in the context of the human body and presence.” – József Martinkó – Architecture and design critic.

We curated some of our favourite works of Marietta showcasing her unique visual identity in the form of surreal perspectives, eyes and thoughts of like dreams. Below you will see some of her projects that we handpicked.



The Raw Hill series draw attention to the characteristic, playful aesthetics and artistic value of brutalist architecture throughout my composed photographs. The brutalist architecture flourished after the II. World War, from the 1950s to the mid-1970s. It was a very popular architecture style almost all over the world at this time. The brutalist architecture became favoured for the governmental and educational institution buildings, from tower blocks to shopping centers and so on.
”Functional, raw, stunning, monumental, special, ugly, geometric, massive, representative, beautiful, rough”

–  people usually have very divided opinions about brutalist architecture, and they often use these words when they talk about it. Many might only link this architectural form to political trends and the ideology of an era that is often associated with a negative spirit, forgetting its artistic value and particular beauty.

Marietta says – “I hope that through my series I can change this point of view somewhat and others will find the uniqueness of this style that has grabbed my attention and imagination.”

The series was taken at the National Theatre of Great Britain, Barbican Estate, and the Alexandra Road Estate.

marietta varga


“I can’t pay attention to anything else when I am about to catch these special moments and then out of the blue, I saw this huge, white building with it’s gorgeous arcades. I’ve never seen such building before so I decided to go back and discover this place the next day. That was in 2016 and since then I have visited Rome multiple times and I never missed the opportunity to see my favourite place, the EUR district.”

Probably a lot of people haven’t even heard about it most likely because it was built in a terrible era under the Mussolini regime but we have to cherish and understand the amazing spectacle of these architectural masterpieces. 

This summer (2019), I tried to take a step back from the political history of the EUR district and look at it purely from an artistic point of view. I was eager to capture it’s beauty and show people, that there are many stunning places worth to see and explore, alongside the well known ones.


Rarely does something in reality look the same as in our memories.

That morning was the first time in a long time that Marietta was able to see her home town precisely as it exists in her mind.


You can see more of Marietta’s work on her website and Behance profile, also can follow her for updates on Instagram @mattivarga.

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