about artsy peeps
about artsy peeps


Modern Art Culture, Lifestyle & Humanities

Artsy Peeps is an art collecting online resource, a dynamic news-media website with a progressive outlook that has inspiration and lifestyle in spotlight. We are offering a real dose of inspiration to creators and art lovers worldwide. We wanna establish ourself as an authoritative voice in the new arts scene. Highlighting emerging talents, and launching the careers of young artists.

Curated to bring together a community of creatives and conversation that inspires humanity at a cultural level. Our aim is to support talented emerging artists, by creating opportunities for their future, while increasing the visibility of their work.

We believe passionately that creative inspiration is for everyone. By championing the most exciting and engaging work online, in print and through future events. We want to open up this world to the widest possible audience. Artsy Peeps simply exists to enable creativity to thrive.

We knock off gripping many-sided articles, reviews and more with focus on art, crafts, design, illustration, photography, inspiration, lifestyle and story telling. We are here to contribute to the life quality fo our readers and humanity. Art is shaping our lives and our world at an accelerating rate, creative people are our main goal, as them as well, we love what we do. It’s who we are.

artsy peeps

The Magazine


A bi-annual magazine about creative experiences—in all of their complexity. The magazine that encourages creativity, and empowers its readers to create conversation and community, and reflect on their own artistic experiences.

Our community is committed to the future of art, a world inspired by the ways art naturally grows in all of us.

The content is a mix of reflecting on artistic experiences, inspiring creativity in the ways we lead, learning from each other, and imagining a open world for expressing art.

The community and conversation around this content will not only open our minds to new and creative models, but also embolden artists, covered talents to lead from a more authentic place.

Our first issue will explore a tension of talent experiences of intuitive, creative, influence or structure/freedom. The exclusive magazine issue will begin with the broadest theme of authentic talents & modern art.


Calling all Artists, Contributors, Story Tellers

We are always looking for engaging contributors and innovative work from around the world. Submit your work to be featured online and within our upcoming magazine.

We value your insights, perspectives, and experience. You are encouraged to freely share anything you think will contribute to the life quality of our readers. Your work will inspire and we will be happy to share your point of view while always citing you as our source.

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